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Miracle A5 - Software Update! - without the Upgrade kits

Posted on 17 August 2017

This is via the Codemaster software to the SD Card

Changes (3 July, 2017)
- Landrover, LF10 added
- Mercedes, YM23, New HU64 added
- Ford, 7/8/10 cut HU101 added
- Audi/Volkswagen, HU162 added
- More Kia added
- More Hyundai added

Comments about this:

Posted on 23 April 2018
By steve hinds

we have a miracle a5 what do we need to do to upgrade to allow cutting of the newer ford hu101 inter cuts fiesta 2017 onward? Many thanks for your time in this matter

You need to purchase one of the upgrade kits from your distributor.


Posted on 24 October 2017
By Michael Burns

Hi, is it possible to cut the VA6 2009 Fortwo mcc smart car keys on the A5?

Not without the upgrade kit

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