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MiraClone - Accessories + Activations

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MiraClone EWS Cable D1
This cable plugs in the back rs232 plug and allows you to read most BMW EWS 3 immo units with out desolderingexternal reader for BMW EWS3 - works with module 18You will also need Starter Eeprom 2-0 activated ...
MiraClone Multicable D2
This cable allows you to bench test, or test in the vehicle, for either an inoperable EZS/EIS or Infrared Key . Also used for Nats 5. The same cable will be used to read most scooter immo units in-ciruit ...
MiraClone D2+ Scooter activation
You will first need to purchase the D2 accessory harness and adaptor for this to work.Used for reading most scooters in circuit.AC reader extended functions - works with bikes modules 47, 119, 192 and ...
MiraClone Yamaha D3 Cable
This is used for the Moric 2 immo units•Moric programmer - works with module 324 (Yamaha bikes)You will also need Starter Eeprom 2-0 activated
MiraClone VW/ Opel Cable D4
Allows you to read VW and Opel/ Vauxhall Motorola immo units through the multiplug on the front.•Opel/VW immo1 reader - works with modules 14, 36You will also need Starter Eeprom 2-0 activated
Miraclone MIFARE D5 Adaptor
Miraclone MIFARE D5 AdaptorAdvanced Keyfob DuplicatorD5 Adaptor allows you to clone access keyfobs with frequency 13.56 MHZ MIFARE.The MiraClone Keyfob duplicator D5.TAG key-fobs are used to control access ...
MiraClone D6 External Reader Remote Reset
External reader D6 - tool for renew/unlock remote keys based on PCF7941, PCF7945, PCF7952, PCF7953, PCF7961 (Programmer -> PCF programmer) Audi -> PCB 233.453.111 02 -> 8T0959754 433MHz Audi -> ...