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TrueCode - FATC1 Software Update (Fiat)

TrueCode - FATC1 Software Update (Fiat)

By Key Programmers  Ref: FATC1

TrueCode- FATC1 Software Update (Fiat)- Programming & Pin Code Retrieval System

This software is for Fiat Punto 188 (1999-2006)* requires Cable T5

Read pincode from petrol engine ECU type IAW59F
(used in most popular 1.2 8V engine) with
non-programmed key.

Read/Write Delphi BCM full EEPROM file. No working key required, just the pincode. If the vehicle is fitted with a different ECU you can obtain pincode from your usual supplier and still read the BCM file with that pin.

BCM EEPROM file is not encrypted by us and can be used in many transponder devices to create an ID48 ‘dealer key’ ready for programming. This file can also be used with some devices to create an ID48W that is ready for starting the vehicle, or the modified file can also be written to the BCM EEPROM through the OBD.

*Model continued production until 2010 in some EU markets.

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