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Two-Piece Lightning Rod Long Reach Tool
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Two-Piece Lightning Rod Long Reach Tool

By Access Tools  Ref: TPLR

Not for overseas market as the shipping costs more than the tool sometimes because of the length.

The Lightning Rod is our most popular long reach tool for those who work in low light conditions frequently. The super bright LED tip shines a beam of light visible at night or through deeply tinted windows. The two piece Lightning Rod Long Reach tools fits conveniently in any large toolbox for easy carrying. The screw-together design holds the tool together tightly and securely until the work is done. The pre-bent shape makes it usable in most situations without any further modification. The Store-N-Go handle holds extra tips for the long reach tool as well as an extra battery. The rods scratch proof coating protects the vehicles finish when performing a lockout. The Lightning Rod Long Reach tool is a must-have for nighttime work or when seeing inside the vehicle is crucial to a quick and effective lockout.


  • Led lighted tip
  • 52" long
  • Two piece screw-together design
  • Pre-bent at a precise location
  • Includes extra battery and tips
  • Scratch-proof coating
  • Store-N-Go handle

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