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Feb 2024 news

So we started the new year 2024 with many new things happening. So firstly we have dropped the price of the Miracle key machines by a lot. This is due to the USD to GBP prices being much better for us buying.

Also you can buy the machines without tablets as everybody has some form of tablet.

We have also added some new style of engraving machines and all the new machines have built in camera`s to help with designing. So this means you can desing on the actual piece.

MiraClone Plus

MiraClone Plus.

So in early June 2023 after a few years of redesigning the MiraClone we launched the new machine with many more features.

Some of them are.... we removed the screen and keypad. We added an eeprom module so you can read eeproms direct from the machine without having a seperate eeprom device. We also added the facility to clone and eeprom direct to the universale XT 27 transponders.

You can either buy it as an upgrade from your old device or buy it as a new unit.

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