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Give us your testimonial on our products and services as we like to hear about our equipment as this helps us in developing more tools. By your feedback and what you ask us for is how we determine what we are going to design or modify.

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Graham Dale (27/11/2018)

Comment: For a while now, I have shyed away from doing rr sport and discovery keys because the quality from most suppliers was really poor. Today I used one of Lockdecoders remotes and found it to be very nice indeed. It felt the part, cut well and programmed in without any issues. Thanks Guys for finding me a great product that I can rely on.

Craig Maguire (16/05/2014)

Magic 2. A great machine.

this machine is small compact & very usefull I looked at getting a key marker to mark my keys I cut to code. but at nearly £6,000 pounds I could not justify it. but at 2,500 it was worth a look. it will mark all my keys & I can now do small engraving tags & padlocks etc, it works with the laptop in my shop it took a little practice and & I set up several templates for several types of blanks, that makes it easy when you want to just put a number on a key etc. I would recommend this machine on just it's price but you can do so much more than the key marker, hope this review helps Craig at Birmingham Master Locksmiths Ltd

Craig Maguire (16/05/2014)

Miracle A9 Good Machine.. NO!! Its a great machine

I first had the miracle A5 Machine & that was a Good Machine, this is even better. as before I could only do car keys but now I can do dimple keys, Decode & Copy & all my standard keys to code, as I get a lot of filling cabinets & desk keys and used to use an old Framon manual machine this makes it so easy. also Tubular key & and the old Ford LDV FO20 keys. with continual Updates Free of charge & other jaws due to come out this make this the best priced and practical machine on the market Hope this review helps Craig at Birmingham Master Locksmiths Ltd

JB Gates (23/01/2014)

I received the Miracle A9 yesterday.  I have already run it through the paces, and all I can say is Excellent!!!!!!!  I will keep you posted, thus far the machine’s operation and abilities are far superior to anything that I have had yet.

 J.B. Gates

Graham (29/10/2013)

New HU66 adaptor

I purchased one of these from you at the ALEX show and i would like to say thank you, for designing such a simple but very effective piece of equipment. I used it yesterday and it makes hu66 easy.


Also please could you let me know when you have a miracle a5 jaw in stock.


And again thank you once more.



Jesse Gates (17/07/2014)

Having had three other All-In-One Key Machines before purchasing a Miracle A9, I can say that the A9 is the way to go, hands down.  The A9 performs very well no matter what type of key you are cutting.  You can easily switch between any of the types of keys supported by the A9 in a flash.  With the built-in Touch Screen you never have to worry about having PC "issues" because no PC is required to operate the machine.  Software and Firmware updates, including new key profiles, are always provided FREE of charge.  What that means is when a new key profile comes out you will not have to shell out $50.00, or more, to make your key machine cut that new key.  Another aspect of the Miracle A9 that may be a benefit to you is its power supply.  The Machine uses an AC to DC converter to power the Machine, which is supplied with the Machine.  With this configuration you will not need a "special" inverter to run the Machine in your Service Vehicle.  As far as Tech Support goes, I have nothing but rave reviews to provide.  I had an issue cutting a single key.  I contacted Peter at Lockdecoders.  He addressed the issue and resolved MY problem very quickly.  To say that Lockdecoders has great Tech Support would be an insult.  Lockdecoders' Tech Support should be the standard that all other manufactures strive to achieve.  Feel free to contact me if you would like any additional information.  By the way you will not have to pay a premium for this Machine, it is priced less than other machines...........

Les Moyer (29/04/2015)

Not only is my A9 easy to use and accurate, the engraving feature is icing on the cake! I consider the A9 to be one of my most important tools for cutting the latest in modern keys AND for giving me an added bonus for promoting my business.

Paul Margison (24/04/2015)

Equipment that works! Well done lockdecoders

David (30/07/2015)

you can be sure that when my next van gets finished it will be equipped with another A9, the machine is top notch for my business.

Ian Pearson (08/03/2016)

Recently purchased the Supermerc kit. Within a day I was confident enough to go out and do and live job. Excellent training, well structured. The product itself is very easy to use and great value. Wish I'd bought it sooner

Irvine Houtzamer (26/07/2016)

Hi Peter you are undoubtedly the master ...I've done it and it works but I will monitor it ...I've used the edge key 11111111 and cuts are equal ...btw that's exactly how I did it when auto calibration didn't work ..I thank you very much are one of a kind someone who actually cares about their clients all respect to you ..kind regards Irvine

Terry Watts (07/03/2015)

Recently bought the Miracle A6 great piece of kit, so easy to use and accurate every time ! love it !!