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Magic L3-60 W Fibre Laser Engraver and Cutter
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Magic L3-60 W Fibre Laser Engraver and Cutter

By Red Technologies  Ref: L360

Magic L3-60 W Fibre Laser Engraver and Cutter

L3 is a laser marking and cutting machine especially made for jewelry, to help jewelers utilize laser machines quickly and easily for their jewelry work. It has been developed by listening

to the experiences of many jewelers and their specific demands regarding laser machines. Our main goal in the L3 development process was to offer an easy, fast, and convenient method

of performing laser related jewelry work that is accessible to anyone, even novices. This goal has been achieved through our automated features, simplicity of software, powerful performance,

and intuitive design for using the machine.
This 3rd-generation laser marking machine, L3, is mainly used at jewelry workshops to mark and produce jewelry products but is also very useful for performing marking services at jewelry

retail stores, thanks to its compact and modern design, low noise operation and small footprint.

  • Black & white marking
  • Color marking
  • Photo marking
  • Cutting
  • Deep engraving
  • Cleaning
  • Designed for jewelry
  • Black, white and color marking
  • Camera positioning and auto focusing
  • 60W/100W high power cutting
  • Load-N- Go docking station
  • Quiet operation thanks to adaptive cooling system
  • Easy and quick change between pendant and ring modes

Engraving serial number, barcode, logo, graphic image on various subjects such as automobile, electricity, electron, mobile, medical device, tool etc.

Engraving name, initial, pattern, image on products such as ring, pendent, watch, jewellery and accessories.
Engraving various metal materials such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel, titanium and etc. with a great depth of engraving and cutting.
- Minimize user’s interference by automating repeatable engraving system such as serial numbers.
- Convert serial numbers automatically with engraving order.
- Provides safe working environment by preventing accidents with chamber structure.
- Provides pleasant working environment by preventing dust scattering.
- Engraves on the external as well as internal diameter of cylindrical products such as rings by connecting rotary marking device.
- Easy to attach or detach in detachable module structure. Optional extra
- Easy to operate.
- Provides various marking solutions.
- Provides advanced editing and formatting functions.
- Easy to make texts, images, logos and barcodes.
- Supports dxf, svg file extension.
  • Black marking, white marking, cutting and deep marking
  • Quick change between pendant and ring marking modes, thanks to the cableless docking station
  • No need to remove the rotary clamp for pendant marking: this feature is built-in.
  • Just slide the clamp to the left for ring marking. It is automatically recognized by the Load-N-Go system.
  • The rotary clamp tilts itself automatically in accordance with the ring size. No need to set the angle manually.
  • The laser focus is automatically set for interior and exterior engraving of rings. No manual focus adjustment is needed.
  • A variety of optional clamps are offered for easily marking complicated jewelry products
  • The camera helps design markings on the material image. This is very intuitive way of using the laser marking machine.
  • Laser auto focusing automatically finds the focus point.
  • The Load-N-Go docking station automatically sets the rotary clamp ready.
  • The rotary clamp automatically sets its angle in accordance with the ring size.
  • The electrically operating z axis is the base of automated features such as auto focusing.
  • The safety door is electrically and automatically operated.
  • The vacuum is electrically operated and automatically turned on and off.
- Minimizes installation space by designing compact size that can be placed on table.
- The weight of the devices lighter than the general laser engraver and makes transfer easier as well.
- Engraves maximum 150mm height material.
- Memorizes 8 points of materials’ height and position.
- Automatically opens and closes its own cover when start laser engraving.
- Control the external devices such as dust collector and others when engraving occurs.
- For example, if a dust collector is connected, dust collection starts at the time when engraving begins and shuts down automatically when engraving is done.


ModelL3-20W / L3-30W / L3-60W / L3-100WClassClass 1 Laser Product
Focus Laser ClassClass 2 Laser Product, <1mWDimension404mm(W) x 556mm(H) x 590mm(D)
(16” x 22” x 23”)
Max Material Height100mm (3.94”)Max Z Stroke100mm (3.94”)
Chamber Size350mm(W) x 100mm(H) x 170mm(D)
(13.7” x 3.9” x 6.6”)
Safety Door Open Height266mm (10.4”/From base plate)
Max Material Weight20kg (44lbs)Weight44kg (99lbs) / 46kg (101lbs) / 50kg (110lbs) / 54kg (119lbs)
PowerAC 100V~240V, 50Hz / 60HzPower Consumption290W / 340W / 520W / 730W
Cooling SystemAir CoolingTemperature / Humidity0~40° / 10~85%
Usb cable
Power cable
User manual
Clamp bolts
L wrench x2
Security dongle
Clamp pin x2
Optional extra tools
Medal clamp set
Medal centering clamp set
L type clamp
Blower and accesories
Rotary clamp set
Pen Clamp
Anti Curling Clamp
Foot Switch
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