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Magic 5S Flat and Ring Engraving Machine
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Magic 5S Flat and Ring Engraving MachineMagic 5S Flat and Ring Engraving Machine

Magic 5S Flat and Ring Engraving Machine

By Red Technologies  Ref: MAG038


Engraving on the inside/outside of ring
Pendant, necklace, identification tag (pet tag), jewelry, bracelet, zippo lighter, key chain or any other kinds of metal


- Wireless controlled Bluetooth with compatible tablet. (Magic Touch)
- Supports touch-interface with tablet (tablet purchased separately)
- Our system supports customers to design their own with tablets.
- Improved portability with lighter aluminum body.

- Internal electric switch.
- Multi-function engraver that engraves pendants
and rings both on inner and outer diameter.
- Supports newly applied dimensional marking system.
- Improved multi-purpose utilization with various jig types.
- Convenient storage tray for tools and parts.
- Easy coordination with laser pointer.
- Engraves almost every kind of metal.(gold, silver, bronze, jewelry, stainless and etc.)
- Provides upgraded program. (Magic Art-5)


  • No need to write on paper
  • Let the customers take part in
  • Not just letters, but engrave special days, emotions and memories
  • Entice customers by providing engraving experience with fun
  • This unique experience becomes spread by word of mouth
  • Communication with customers will lead to growth in sale
  • This will provide different and distinctive service to customers
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