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Q: How do i make a line drawing for Photo imaging

How to make a photo image

this is a video above.

Q: How do I upload/import my Vector File to MagicArt?

Magic Art supports vector graphic (SVG) files. So files saved as SVG type can be imported. If you save a design as SVG type from design program Illustrator or CorelDraw, you can import the file to the Magic Art.

1. Click File > Save As button from Illustrator program menu to save a file in SVG type.

p>2. Click File > Import button from the Magic Art menu to import a file.

Q: How do I save my design as .SVG in Adobe Illustrator?

1. Open/Create Illustrator file.
2. Once you are happy with your design - File > Save As > SVG (svg). In a 'Save As' option windw select Format and choose SVG(svg)
3. In 'SVG Options' window untick Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilitites. And press OK

Q: How do I add my design in 'Design Sample' section?

1. Enter the contents, and adjust the font and size as desired. Select the object and click “save” from “File>Save As Design Sample”.

2. Designate a folder or create new folder. Enter the name and click “OK” button to add it to the design sample.

Your design can be now seen in design sample window on the left.

Q: My machine scratches the surface during the engraving. How do I stop this?

When moving to another engraving location, it is necessary to lift Z axis to prevent the tool from contacting with the material surface before moving. When 'Z Clearance' is not set properly it causes the tool to scratch the material in unwanted places. To eliminate this simply increase the lift distance in 'Z Clearance' setting it to 1mm and higher.