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MiraClone (Posted on 20 March 2018)
This review gave 5 out of 5

I bet the next question will be why Miraclone and not Silca RW4 or Keyline ?

If you take a Miraclone fully loaded with all cloning packages it has equivalent capability as the above machines, but you have the option of using all sorts of different transponders for cloning. (Apart from ID48 cloning where you have to use the T48) As you know GTi and GKM transponder are a bit more than a tenner each. You can get good cloning chips like LKP, CN, 46w etc at about half that price. So saving a fiver per clone is worth it. You can’t do that with the other branded machines.

Then it’s a very good eeprom tool. We all know no tool does everything but it is right up there amongst the best. So put that together with the cloning capability, PCF unlocker, various adaptor cables, that now makes it the most complete all round tool on the market.

You don’t have to like it, you don’t have to buy it but you simply can’t show me another tool with a comparative range of capabilities.