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Keys, Remotes and Locks

Keys and Remotes

We grade our keys in several ways.

OEM- Means these are genuine manufacturers parts. We do not sell copies as OEM.

  • NL at the end means we got it either from the dealer network or from a different source and with NO original packaging. So, NO logo.

  • OL at the end means we got it from the dealer network and it comes in the original packaging. With or without logo as sometimes the logo is on a different part of the key.

Premium Quality

  • P at the end means it is Premium- Means high quality generic. THESE DO NOT COME WITH LOGOS.

  • Please do not ask us for Logos .

    Please note: We normally only stock 433/434 and 868MHZ remotes

    But, we do have some 315mhz keys or can obtain them for you specifically.